JEM Modelling Tools - Dresden & Veining Tool


SKU: PA104238

Modelling Tools - Dresden & Veining Tool

This double ended tool is manufactured by JEM. It is a single tool with 2 different ends. Although both ends look quite similar you will feel that the wider end has a gently rounded back and the narrower end a sharp edge on the back.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The dresden tool end with its smooth back is perfect for smoothing flower edges but for a very frilly effect you can place your petal onto a celpad or similar foam pad and by pressing firmly with the back of the tool and drawing it across the petal at right angle to the edge you can make a very frilly edge. This technique can also be used on clothing for sugarcraft models where you want a very frilly edge.

The other end is a veining tool. By drawing the back of the tool along a petal or leaf the sharp edge on the back of the tool will mark in the veins without cutting or snagging. 
It will also draw fine lines on models and novelty cakes.

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