JEM Hydrangea Leaf and Petal Cutter - Set of 4


SKU: PA103878

JEM Hydrangea Leaf and Petal Cutter - Set of 4

This beautiful Hydrangea Cutter Set from JEM consists of 4 different cutters! Two leaf sizes and two petals. 

Measurements are approximately 90mm and 70mm for the leaves plus 42mm and 48mm for the petals (measured end to end not per petal).


Instructions and Tips for Use

To make a hydrangea flower you need to cut out 2 petal shapes and place them on top of each other to create the 4 petaled flower. Pipe or mould a small ball for the centre of each Hydrangea flower to finish. You can dust with petal dust for a more realistic flower.

Make several flowers and place on the top of cupcakes for a very pretty summery finish.

Use flower paste if you want a finer finish or want to wire them into sprays.

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