JEM Baby Bootee Cutter LIFE SIZE




Baby Bootee Cutter LIFE SIZE

This Baby Booties cutter set from JEM consists of 3 cutters which cut out 3 pieces to make pretty life sized baby bootees.

This can be used as an excellent cake topper. Perfect for Christening or baby cakes.

The measurements are as follows:

Toe: 120mm, Sole: 100mm and Heel: 140mm. Dimensions are approximate.

A very versatile product at a very reasonable price.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The product comes with detailed easy to follow instructions.

Use this product to cut out your pattern to make up your 3D baby bootee.

Do not use sugarpaste without adding hardening agents such as Gum Trag or CMC as the paste won't dry firm enough, or roll thinly enough, without it. We recommend flower paste or Mexican modelling paste.

Roll your paste finely and then, making sure it's not stuck down, press your cutters in to the paste to cut the paste. Use a little edible glue to stick the pieces together in the bootie shape and then leave to dry. A little cotton wool or kitchen roll can be positioned to help keep the shape while it dries.

Using cornflour will stop them from sticking.