JEM 3D Football / Soccer Shirt Cutters - Set of 5


SKU: PA100742

3D Football / Soccer Shirt Cutters  - Set of 5

This SOCCER SHIRT Cutter Set from JEM consists of 5 individual cutters to make up a fabulous football shirt for all soccer players - You pick the team colours! You even get a stripe cutter.

SHIRT cutter measures approximately 149mm x 200mm

SHOULDER DETAIL cutter measures approximately 45mmx 73mm

SHIRT DETAIL cutter measures approximately 76mm x 89mm

COLLAR measures approximately 31mm x 20mm

STRIPES CUTTER this measures 44mm x 16mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

The product comes with detailed easy to follow instructions.

Although this is designed as a football shirt you could also use it for all sorts of other shirts and T shirts with the minimum of adaptation. Other sports such as Rugby, Basketball, Tennis or just T Shirts for band members, jogging... I'm sure you can think of loads more! (I do like to get value for money when I'm buying cutters!!!)

The best paste to use for these shapes is Mexican Modelling Paste which you cn buy ready made from Squires Kitchen or you can make it yourself. This is firmer to work with and rolls out much more finely than ordinary sugarpaste so is less likely to stick in the cutters. It will also dry much harder and will not sag as it dries.

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