JEM 3D Clutch Bag Cutter


SKU: PA100757

3D Clutch Bag Cutter

This lovely CLUTCH BAG Cutter Set from JEM has everything you need to make detailed handbag. It contains 2 cutters - one for the main part of the bag and one for the detail on the top of the handbag. It also contains 2 formers so that you can shape the sides.

Measurements are approximately 185 X 44mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

The product comes with detailed easy to follow instructions.

You can use this cutter for all sorts of great novelty cake ideas. Add the shoe cutter for a great accessories cake. If you dust the cut out pieces with lustre colour before you fit them together you will get a really nice satin sheen to your clutch bag or handbag, or you can use one of the many brilliant texture rolling pins to texture your paste before you cut it out.

The best paste to use for these shapes is Mexican Modelling Paste which you can buy ready made from Squires Kitchen or you can make it yourself. This is firmer to work with and rolls out much more finely than ordinary sugarpaste so is less likely to stick in the cutters.

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