Holly Products Fairy Limb Moulds

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Fairy Limb Moulds

With this 2 part mould from Holly Products every model can have beautifully proportioned and detailed feet/legs and hands/arms. You can position the limbs in whatever way you wish whilst the paste is soft and then leave to dry. If using this mould for Pixies you can make the legs with a coloured paste and then smooth the feet to give pointed pixies boots.

Holly Products collection of 'people' moulds are made of a hard resin with a non-stick surface. They have detailed features and the non-stick surface makes removal very easy. The limb moulds have two halves which fit together to make right and left arms, hands, legs and feet.

They include
2 arms (right & left) measuring approximately 40mm x 9mm
2 legs (right & left) measuring approximately 56mm x 7mm

This mould is compatible with the following Holly Products Head Moulds:
HPM20 Fairy Head Mould (medium head - next to the largest)
HPM23 Elf & Fairy Head Mould
HPM08 Babe, Boy & Girl (boy head)


Instructions and Tips for Use

As well as being great for using with sugarpastes and gum pastes such as Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) or Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP) for sugarcraft modelling Holly Products moulds can also be used with various modelling mediums including Artista, Modena Cold Porcelain (Artista Soft Distributors), Sculpey, Fimo, and other modelling clays (The models produced using these media are for decorative purposes only)

The moulds can be cleaned by washing in warm soapy water and are also dishwasher safe.