Holly Products Embossing Sticks Set 21 - GIRLY

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Embossing Sticks Set 21 - Girly

Holly Products embosser sets are very popular and ideal for embossing a pattern on your paste; for clothing your model or onto your pasted cake or board. They are a perfect size for using with your cupcake designs too! Sets 15 - 21 are slightly larger than the 1- 14 sets.

Really useful embossing sticks for easy Cake-Decorating!

2 different high-heel shoes measuring approx 23mm x 11m
A Hat with a bow on it measuring approx 30mm x 20mm
A Handbag measuring approx 22mm x 12mm
A string of Pearls measuring approx 22mm x 11mm
A Hat-Box measuring approx 20mm x 21mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Each pattern head is deep line cut with no annoying surrounds to spoil your work and the barrel (approx. 50mm) makes them easy to use and helps you to imprint a clear design.

Use to emboss detail onto sugarpaste, MMP, SFP, modelling clay and much more! Simply press in wherever the detail is required.

Pack of 6.