Hamilworth Floral Tape WHITE - 6mm



Floral Tape White - 6 mm

The Hamilworth range of floral tape is a widely used, high quality florist tape.
It is made from a self sticking paper and is available in a large range of colours and shades making it perfect for all sugarcraft flower design.

Roll Length: 27 Meters x 2 rolls
Roll Width: 6 mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

This White tape is perfect for all sorts of taping tasks. There are 2 6mm wide rolls in a pack.

Because it is paper you can dust it with petal dusts to give a natural look to all your sugar arrangements and make it the colour of your choice! If you only get one tape this is the one!

To stick properly this tape needs to be stretched as you wrap it around the wire. This causes the adhesive to activate and prevents it unwinding. Although it takes a bit more skill to use the finished product is far superior to the plastic versions.

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