Great Impressions Double Veiner - Succinata Ivy - 6cm

Squires Kitchen



5cm Succinata Ivy Leaf Veiner

The Succinata Ivy leaf veiner is made by Great Impressions at Squires Kitchen.  Great Impressions veiners are made from very high quality silicone and botanically correct for the most realistic veiners available on the market.

The Succinata Leaf veiner is double sided and can be used for making lifelike foliage for cakes or wired sugar flower displays. It will give a very realistic impression of the leaf on both the front and the back.

Please note that this particular Ivy type has a raised vein on both the front and the back of the leaf.

Because the Succinata Ivy Leaf veiner is botanically correct it is perfect for competition work and those wanting a touch more realism to their sugar flower creations.

Approximate Size: 60 x 55mm

As well as sugar flower paste these veiners can be used with a variety of other media including chocolate, boiled sugar,  modelling chocolate (Cocoform), chocolate, boiled sugar, isomalt and cold porcelain, as well as a variety of craft pastes.

Designed and made in the UK by Squires Kitchen’s master craftsmen, all Great Impressions moulds and veiners are made from durable, platinum-grade silicone which has been approved for food use. The flexible silicone can be frozen and can withstand temperatures of up to 204˚C.


Instructions and Tips for Use


Roll out your paste thinly and use your desired cutter to cut out the basic leaf shape. If you are going to wire the leaf it is best to have a slightly thicker vein down the centre into which you can insert the wire. Insert a glued wire into the cut paste and put together the two sides of the veiner around your leaf lining the wire up with the centre of the leaf. Press together firmly and then remove the veiner.

You can thin the edges slightly with a modelling tool if you wish to give 'life' and 'movement' to the leaf.

If you prefer you can simply use the veiner on your rolled out paste without cutting the shape first. Press together the veiner and trim away excess paste from around the edge before removing the veiner. Thin the edge with a modelling tool as before.

As the silicone is non stick you should not need to grease or dust the veiner unless your paste is very sticky. Try to use as little as possible if you do as this will make the impression less clear.