FMM Union Jack Cupcake Cutter




Union Jack Cupcake Cutter From FMM

This Union Jack flag cutter set from FMM cutters consists of 2 cutters - one double-sided making 3 cutters in all. It includes 1 circle cutter measuring approximately 560mm which has a large Union Jack shape of the same size on the other side, with 11mm wide lines and curved edges. The other cutter has another Union Jack cutter, the same size but with thinner lines (7mm).

All you need to make circular Union Jacks for cakes, cupcakes and cookies!


Instructions and Tips for Use

Wash in warm water before use.

Have your sugarpaste rolled out in the correct colours (Red, White and Blue!). Cut out a circle of blue paste for your base. Then use the thicker Union Jack cutter on the back of the circle to cut out the white section. The white Union Jack shape will align perfectly onto the blue circle, stick it on using a little boiled water. Then use the final cutter to cut the red Union Jack shape and attach onto the white section with a little more boiled water.