FMM Unicorn Cutter


SKU: PA103531

FMM Unicorn Cutter

The FMM Unicorn cutter is a simple and easy cutter to use. You can cut out the unicorn in your favourite colour using modelling paste or sugarpaste and then decorate it by painting the details or adding lustres and glitters for a magical decoration.

By removing the horn you can also use this cutter for cutting out the more common ponies!

Why not use it with the FMM Princess Carriage cutters for a fairytale cake top.

Cutter Size
From Horn To Tail: 107mm
Top of mane to bottom of leg: 81.5mm


Instructions and Tips for Use


Roll out sugarpaste or modelling paste evenly on a non-stick board dusted with cornflour or icing sugar.

Cut out the unicorn shape. 

Fix to your cake top. Paint in details (If you prefer you can do this before fixing).

To make a 3D topper use gum paste and leave to dry completely then fix to your cake top with royal icing.

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