FMM Textured Impressions Mats Wood / Tree Bark & Brick




Wood / Tree Bark & Brick Textured Impressions Mats

This FMM 2 piece set of textured impression mats contains one mat with a wood plank impression and one with a brick wall impression.

Each mat measures approx 15cm by 7cm


Instructions and Tips for Use

[The wood impression mat can be used for all sorts of novelty cakes and models such as floorboards, fences, shingles, walkways and tree bark and so much more. The other one has an even brick wall for various buildings - it can even be used for tiled roofs!

High quality flexible mats used to give lifelike impressions on sugarpaste, marzipan or other modelling pastes. Fast and easy way to add detail to novelty cakes. Because these textured mats are so flexible they are perfect for use on both square or round cakes as well as all sorts of novelty cakes.

Both are very detailed and have a special polished finish for easy non-stick performance. Great for brilliant novelty cakes - castles, farms, villages and so much more!

 Use with a variety of Edible and Non-Edible materials such as Renshaws Regalice, Sugar Florist Paste (SFP), Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP), Marzipan, Pastry, Cookie Dough or Craft Clay. You can even use them for texturing chocolate!

Contains full instructions.

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