FMM Sugarcraft - Spooky Halloween Tappit Cutter Set


SKU: PA103965

Spooky Halloween Tappit Cutter Set

This FMM Spooky Halloween Tappit cutter is a great set for creating sugar motifs. A fun topper for a range of Halloween themed cakes and cupcakes! The strips includes 6 motifs  

The set is made up of two strips including the following motifs;

Strip one: A gravestone, Cat and Ghost.

Strip two: A Witches Hat, Pumpkin and A Witch on a broom. 

 Measurements: Ranging between 55 - 70mm.

Best to use flower or modelling paste.

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How to Use the FMM Halloween Tappit

A great easy to use cutter from FMM.

Roll out modelling paste or flower paste on a non-stick board.

Very lightly dust the top surface of your paste with Cornflour (cornstarch) a tip here is to put the flour into a muslin cloth and simply wipe across the top surface - that way you don't get too much onto the paste. Cut out your required shape with the cutter section of choice.

Make sure you keep moving the paste to stop it sticking to the board.

Tap the end of the strip sharply againt your work top. The cut out shapes should simply drop out of the cutter.

Full instructions are included on the back of the packet and are visible in the product pictures on this listing. 


Check out the video below for some great ideas for using the FMM Halloween Tappit set 

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