FMM Sugarcraft Cutters FLUFFY CLOUDS Set of 5




Fluffy Cloud Set Of 5 Cutters From FMM

This excellent value set of 5 Cloud cutters from FMM sugarcraft is made from food safe plastic. Perfect for all sorts of cake and cupcake designs.

The 3 cutters measure approximately
Cloud 1 - 55mm x 30mm
Cloud 2 - 60mm x 35mm
Cloud 3 - 55mm x 45mm
Cloud 4 - 70mm x 30mm
Cloud 5 - 65mm x 35mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Recommended for use with sugarpaste, pastillage and modelling chocolate.

Wash in warm water before use.

Simply roll your icing, Flower paste or modelling paste onto a non-stick board and press in the cutter.

To make wired star decorations use one of the beautiful metallic wires from Hamilworth and dip into edible glue. Carefully push the glued end of the wire into the star shape and leave to dry overnight.

You can then paint with edible lustre or brush over with edible glue before dipping into one of the many beautiful glitters that are available - because these stars will be removed before eating the holographic range of glitters can be used for an extra glitzy finish!

It is best to use a posy pick pushed into the cake surface to hold your wires in order to keep to food hygiene regulations.

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