FMM Sugarcraft - Cool Dude Tappit Cutters


SKU: PA104137

FMM - Cool Dude Tappit Cutters

This Fmm Cool Dude cutter consists of five shapes on a single tappit. The cutters can be used for cake tops or sides and are the perfect size for cupcakes. Either cut out and fix directly to the cake surface or cut out and leave to dry flat before free-standing on the board or cake top.

Size for each motif ranges between 50mm -70mm.

 The set contains a skateboard, scooter, games controller, cap and trainer. 

Made in the UK from food grade plastic.

How to Use the Cool Dude Cutters

This range of cutters from FMM are very versatile and simple to use.

Roll out Mexican paste or flower paste very thinly on a non-stick board. You can also use a mix with sugarpaste for a softer finish if using as a cake covering.

Very lightly dust the top surface of your paste with Cornflour (cornstarch) a tip here is to put the flour into a muslin cloth and simply wipe across the top surface - that way you don't get too much onto the paste. Cut out your required shape with the straight frill cutters.

Make sure you keep moving the paste to stop it sticking to the board.

Lift the cut shapes with a palette knife and fix in position with a little of Squires edible glue.


For further information on this cutter please see the following video from FMMs YouTube channel;


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