FMM Straight Frill Cutters Pack of 4 - Set THREE (Patterns 9-12)




Straight Frill Cutters - Set Three Patterns 9-12

The Frill cutters SET 9-12, manufatured by FMM sugarcraft, contains four cutters for making beautiful border edges and frills. The straight frills cutters feature more simple shapes such as Semi-Circles and Crenelation shapes.

These cutters are very versatile and can be frilled with cocktail sticks and added in a similar way to Garrett frills but with the added advantage of different edge finishes.

You can also use them plain for cutting out borders to use on cake tops, boards and cake sides. Brilliant for fancy edged ribbons too! Because they cut a straight pattern you can use them in various combinations too so your ribbon strip can have one pattern on one edge and a different one on the other.


Instructions and Tips for Use

This fantastic range of cutters from FMM are very versatile and simple to use.

Roll out Mexican paste very thinly on a non-stick board. You can also use a mix with sugarpaste for a softer finish if using as a cake covering.

Very lightly dust the top surface of your paste with Cornflour (cornstarch) a tip here is to put the flour into a muslin cloth and simply wipe across the top surface - that way you don't get too much onto the paste. Cut out your required shape with the straight frill cutters.

If frilling the edge of the shape, dust the board lightly with a little cornflour. Use a cocktail stick or frill stick (I love the Holly products ceramic frilling sticks for this as they give a great patterns as well!) and roll over the edge to lift the paste in a frill.

Make sure you keep moving the paste to stop it sticking to the board.

For a softer frill lift the shape onto a PME Foam Pad and frill the edges with the PME Dog Bone Tool or ball tool.

The crenelated cutter is great for castle walls on your novelty cakes!

Lift the cut shapes with a palette knife and fix in position with a little of Squires edible glue.