FMM Press Ice Embosser RIBBON 2 Impression Tool RED




Press Ice Embosser RIBBON 2 Impression Tool

The Press Ice embossing tools are a fabulous new idea from FMM Sugarcraft. They come in the shape of a paddle (similar to a smoother) but with small spikes which emboss into your cake. The edges are soft and curved so they do not mark your cake

The Press Ice tools now come in 10 different patterns and makes it so easy to add pattern to your cake.

This RIBBON TWO pattern has the same spacing as Polka Two (7mm apart), however in a narrower grid (perfect for around the side of your cake) The grid band is set unevenly on the paddle. This means that by using it one way up it will position higher up your cake side than by using it the other way up, while still being able to keep it level by using the bottom edge of the cake.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Before this tool you needed to prepare a template and prick out a design in order to get an even polka dot effect on your cake - a long slow job! Now you can simply press this tool into the surface of the cake.

Start at the back of the cake and hold the tool level with the board. Which way up you hold the tool will determine where the grid will be positioned on your cake.

Carefully press the tool into the cake side - you must do this when you have just covered the cake and before the sugarpaste has started to skin to prevent cracking. In the case of a round cake gently roll the tool around the cake side. Once you have made one impression remove the tool and position the first row of pins into the last row on the embossed pattern and repeat until you reach your starting point.

This now gives you a perfect grid to pipe pearls of royal icing. You could also use dragees for a glitzy look. FMM have a fab video on YouTube which shows you lots of ideas for using these brilliant new tools.