FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter




Multi Ribbon Cutter From FMM

This ribbon cutting tool is from leading sugarcraft manufacturer FMM. It is a great tool for cutting a wide variety of sugar strips for ribbons and borders. It is easily adjustable and has a variety of edge patterns.

The multi ribbon cutter set includes 2 straight cutting wheels, 2 stitch wheels and 2 Wavy line wheel cutters for different edge finishes and detail.

The set also comes with a small spacer, a large spacer and a mini spacer which you can use in different combinations to ensure that you get the width you need for your sugarcraft ribbons!

The multi ribbon cutter Will cut a variety of widths from 3mm up to 50mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Ideal for Bows, Ribbons, Quilling, Drapes, Fabric Effects, Borders or wherever an even strip of paste is required!

All measurements are approximate.

FMM Multi Ribbon Tutorial


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