FMM Lily of the Valley Cutters




Lily of the Valley Cutters From FMM

This Lily of the Valley set from FMM Sugarcraft consists of 2 cutters in 2 different sizes. As well as making pretty Lily of the Valley flowers it will also make other small blossom shaped filler flowers.

Each little cutter makes a 6 petalled blossom.

The cutters measure approximately 10mm and 15mm. 


Instructions and Tips for Use

Supplied in blister pack with full instructions.

To make sprays of blossoms thinly roll your flower paste (we recommend Squires Kitchen SFP) on a non-stick board and cut out the blossom shapes. Dip small stamen into edible glue and thread through the blossom shape pulling firmly up to the paste and leave to dry.

For more realism a small ball tool can be used to cup and thin the blossoms before the stamen is added.

Dry overnight and then use floristry tape to tape the blossoms to a fine wire. The small shapes should be at the end of the wire and step down to the larger shapes. Slightly curve the wire to give the typical look of a spray of Lily of the Vally.

The individual spray can be incorporated into larger wired sugar flower sprays or foliage can be added for a natural looking Lily of the Valley plant.

Alternatively the shapes can be cut and shaped and left to dry without stamen. These can then be added to cakes as small blossoms. To finish a centre can be piped using Royal Icing or similar icing.