FMM Garrett Frill Cutter - Makes 4 different thicknesses of frill



Garrett Frill Cutter From FMM

This FMM Garret Frill cutter set will make 4 different sized frills for your cake. It has 3 removable centre rings to enable you to get different thicknesses of frill which will all be the same length enabling you to overlay them. The removable centre cutters can also be used to cut round shapes.

Diameter 80mm - Makes 4 different thicknesses of frill 30mm, 23mm, 19mm and 10mm.

Instructions and Tips for Use

These fantastic cutters from FMM are very versatile and simple to use.

Lightly dust your surface with cornstarch (cornflour) and roll out Mexican paste so thinly that you can almost see through it. Sugarpaste may also be used but the frill will hold its shape much better if you add Gum Tragacanth, our suggested ratio is 5ml (1 teaspoon) to every 250g (8oz) of sugarpaste.

Choose your frill thickness by pushing out or clicking in the centre rings and push the cutter down firmly onto the paste ensuring that you press all areas of the cutter. Then remove the centre circle.

Use a cocktail stick or one of our PME tools, such as the Ball or Dog Bone Tool and apply gentle pressure and a sideways rolling action to create a frilled edge to the paste. Frill a section at a time and keep shifting the paste to stop it from sticking until you have frilled the whole circle.
Slice through the circle so you can open it out, teasing the frill out gently.
Make a paper template by wrapping a strip of grease-proof paper around your cake and cutting the desired curve, you can then use this template to lightly draw the curve onto your cake with a PME Scriber Needle.

Lift the cut shapes with a palette knife and fix in position following your template with a little Squires Edible Glue or egg white.

A second frill may also be added to sit just above the first one.
You can hide the join between the frill and the cake with indents made using the smaller end of the PME Ball Tool, a crimper or piped royal icing dots.
As with Patchwork cutters the paste can be coloured before cutting out with Sugarflair Food Colouring Paste, painted or dusted with Sugarflair Blossom or Lustre colours before fixing in position.

Full instructions and contact details for FMM are included should you require any assistance with using this product.

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