FMM Cymbidium Orchid Cutters Set


SKU: PA100906

Cymbidium Orchid Cutters Set From FMM

This excellent set of 3 Orchid cutters from FMM sugarcraft is perfect for making realistic Cymbidium Orchids. It can also be used for many other types of Orchid such as Cattleya and Coelogyne. It is made from food safe plastic.

The 3 cutters measure approximately 42mm, 35mm, and 53mm

A beautiful cutter for bridal bouquets and other sugar flower sprays.

Wash in warm water before use.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Simply roll your icing, Flower paste or modelling paste (we recommend Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) for creating sugar flowers and foliage) onto a non-stick board and press in the cutter.

Smooth the edges with a ball tool or dogbone tool to give a natural finish to the petal edges. You can also use a veiner to mark in the details. Set into a former to give the natural shape and then assemble onto the cake or insert wires for realistic sugar displays.

For the perfect finishing touch to all of your sugarcraft flowers!

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