FMM Curved Words Cutter - It's A Boy




Curved Words Cutter - It's A Boy

The FMM It's A Boy cutter is brilliant for inscriptions and toppers for christenings and new baby cakes and sugarcraft.

The cutter will cut out 'It's A Boy' all at once in a modern script with exclamation mark - much easier than cutting out individual letters!

Cut out the words 'It's A Boy' using modelling or flower paste and stick directly to the cake sides or top as an inscription for your celebration cakes. Alternatively leave to dry on a curved surface and then fix standing up to form an elegant cake topper.

Finish with paints, lustres or sparkles to complete.

Approximate Size:

  • Height: 70mm (7cm)
  • Length:122mm (12.2cm)

Instructions and Tips for Use

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