Cupcake decorating set NOZZLES & BAGS - 15 piece


SKU: PA102106

JEM Cupcake decorating set NOZZLES & BAGS

The cupcake decorative set is a kit designed to provide a full range of nozzles and bags required to decorate your cupcakes. All five tubes contained are made from stainless steel so are easy to clean and long lasting.

Pack Contents

Star Nozzle 1M
Creates the classic must have cupcake swirl.

Round Nozzle NZ4
Wonderful for polka dots, lines and inscriptions

Round Nozzle NZ12
Ideal for flower centre's and large bulbs

Star Nozzle NZ22
Fantastic for piping stars, shells and sunflower petals.

Cupcake Filler Nozzle
Possibly our favorite.. this is used to inject fillings into cupcakes, doughnuts and other filled goods!

Piping Bags
The pack also comes with 10 disposable piping bags to get you started.


Instructions and Tips for Use

This set serves as a fantastic beginners kit to cake decoration as the nozzles can be used in so many different ways.

We also sell a range of proofed nylon re-usable piping bags on our online shops for future projects!

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