Culpitt Tylo / Tylose Powder 85g


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Tylo / Tylose Powder From Culpitt

85g Pot of Culpitt - Tylo / Tylose Powder 85g, a very popular Gum Tragacanth substitute. Great value for money and comes in a hygienic and resealable tub.

Tylose powder, made from Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose, is an excellent gum trag substitute which costs much less than the equivalent Tragacanth powder.
Gum Tragacanth also known as Gum Trag is a natural product that adds strength and stretch to sugar products which can be used in modelling paste, flower paste and pastillage but it is rather expensive! 

Tylose tends to be much firmer to work than Tragacanth but dries good and hard. It does have the advantage of being whiter than the Gum Tragacanth version.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Use tylose to make the modelling paste for your cakes. Knead in 1 teaspoon of gum into 225g (8oz) of sugarpaste, the gum needs time to work before the paste is used. You will begin to feel a difference in the paste after an hour or so, but it is best left overnight. Keep completely airtight to prevent drying out.

You can also mix tylose with water (cooled boiled water is best) to make a good home made edible glue.



E466 Sodium Carboxymthyl Cellulose

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