Culpitt Metal Leaf Cutters - Set of 4


Available for pre-order


Metal Leaf Cutters from Culpitt

Great set of 4 Leaf Cutters made from Food-safe metal manufactured by Culpitt. They are brand new and in sealed packaging.

Approximate measurements are 50mm to 90mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

Lightly grease a non-stick board with Trex or other white fat or shortening and roll out paste very thinly.
Use with edible or non-edible pastes, such as, Regalice Sugarpaste, Mexican Modelling Paste, Squires Sugar Florist Paste (SFP), Marzipan and Craft clay.

Very lightly dust the top surface of your paste with Cornflour (cornstarch) a tip here is to put the flour into a muslin cloth and simply wipe across the top surface – that way you don’t get too much onto the paste.

Cut out the leaf shape. Use a palette knife to lift the shape onto a PME Foam Pad or JEM Leaf Former, for more realism the edges can curled by rolling a PME Ball or dog bone tool.

You can also insert Hamilworth wires, which are available in a number of sizes and colours, to make sugarcraft bouquets, sprays and flower arrangements.