Alphabet Moulds BEADS Border Mould - Double Row

Alphabet Moulds

SKU: PA103011

Rows of Beads Boarder Mould From Alphabet Moulds

The row of beads border mould makes 2 sizes of beaded border. It is made of high quality flexible silicon and manufactured by Alphabet Moulds. Perfect for wedding and celebration cakes.

This mould is suitable for use with a huge range of pastes including flower paste, modelling paste or marzipan. It makes a fabulous bottom edge to your cake - so much easier than piping!

 You can also pour in melted candy or chocolate and due to the flexibility of the silicone moulds they are easy to remove once set. Great for frames and borders.

210mm x 40mm
All Sizes are Approximate

The Mould can be used for sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste, marzipan, chocolate, cold porcelain, salt dough, air drying clays and embossing powder.


Instructions and Tips for Use

When using pastes simply apply a small amount of cornflower to the mould (to provide an easy release once complete) then push in a pre rolled ball of paste or marzipan. Alternatively instead of cornflour you can dust the mould with lustre colour for a shiny finish on release.

For chocolate and candy polish the mould with cotton wool to make sure it is clean and dry before use then pour in the melted chocolate or candy and leave to set.

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