Cake Cash Rewards at Partyanimalonline

Sign in for Cake Cash Rewards!

Here at Partyanimalonline we are very pleased to see so many of our lovely customers coming back to us again and again, and as a result we have decided to award cake cash points as a thank you for your loyalty.

Cake Cash points are awarded in many different ways including your purchases, following us and sharing on social media, and as competitions and prizes.

Cake Cash Points are only for those who have an account at Partyanimalonline so you will only see the points when you are signed into your account.

In order to spend your Cake Cash you will need to create an account and then you will be able to see the Cake Cash that you have accumulated and you can use your points against any future orders.

Please Note that Cake Cash Rewards cannot be spent at the same time as another discount voucher or coupon.

How to Get Cake Cash

Cake Cash is earned as follows:

  • 1 x Cake Cash Point for every £1 spent on the store. (You will receive your Cake Cash point as soon as the order is marked as paid.)
  • 20 x Cake Cash Points for every follow on Social Media (this includes Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter)
  • 100 x Cake Cash Points for creating a customer account (you will need this to be able to spend your points)
  • 100 x Cake Cash Points for giving a referral to a friend who then goes onto buy the product recommended.
  • Additional opportunities throughout the year to get extra points via our newsletter or Facebook Competition prizes.

As we have a lot of loyal customers who have accounts already we will be arranging for you to receive points for your accounts - we don't want our regular customers to miss out on this fabulous deal because they are already signed up! Anyone who has not yet got an account will automatically receive points when you sign up.

When you sign into your account in future you will get a summary of all your Cake Cash points that you have as well as a handy reference of the T & C's and how to earn your points.

How to Spend Cake Cash

 Spending your Cake Cash could not be simpler! When you make a purchase you will be able to add your points at check-out and they will be converted to discount from the total of your bill. You can apply your cake cash to any order over £10.

1 Cake Cash point = 2p so you will get £1 off your order for every 50 points you redeem.

You can use points to cover up to 25% of your total bill. Any excess points will stay in your Cake Cash Account until the next time you make a purchase on the store.

Cake Cash Rewards cannot be spent at the same time as another discount code or voucher.

We hope you enjoy this little extra. Please do not hesitate to contact us through the normal channels if you need help.

Please Note Cake Cash Points are valid for one year so make sure you spend them in that time! Don't worry though we will warn you if any of your points are about to go out of date!