Hamilworth 18g WHITE Floral / Florist Wires



Hamilworth Quality 18g White Florist Wires

 White 18 gauge florist wires from Hamilworth. Each pack contains approximately 25 wires, Available in single packs or at a bulk discount price for 10 packs of wires.

They measure approx 37 cm / 14" long. All wires are B grade quality and paper wrapped.

18g wires are very firm, and are great for large flowers and supporting larger decorations. The larger the wire gauge the finer the wire is. We supply wires from 16 to 32 gauge. 

 Because they are paper wrapped, Hamilworth wires are perfect for sugar flowers as you can colour the wires with petal dusts for very realistic stems. 

Instructions and Tips for Use

These great quality wires are nice and strong for large sugar flowers or starburst cake tops. They are great for your heavier flowers such as larger roses, lilies and Gerbera.

Because these wires are covered with paper you can also colour the wire with petal dusts to give a more realistic stem for your flowers and leaves.

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