Culpitt Stencil - Christmas Tree


SKU: PA102683

Large Flexible Christmas Tree Stencil From Culpitt

This Large Stencil from Culpitt is designed as a full cake top Merry Christmas Inscription. It is made from laser cut food safe materials. As well as the Merry Christmas inscription there are stars and dots making it an all-in-one top decoration.

Stencil Size Is Approximately
148mm square 


Instructions and Tips for Use

It is very versatile as it can be used with all sorts of different media to produce different effects. It is easy to wipe clean and reuse over again.

Simply apply food colour while holding the stencil in place. Powder, liquid or paste colours can be used by letting down with alcohol or rejuvenator fluid and dabbing on with a small soft sponge (the sponge from Rainbow Dust would be ideal!)This technique is best used on Sugarpaste or Royal Icing.

You can also use petal dust or lustre as a powder simply dusted onto the design with a soft dry brush remove excess powder before lifting the stencil. 

An airbrush gives a brilliant effect as it is quick to use and you can get detailed shading into the design with practice.

To get a more 3D effect on harder icings such as sugarpaste and Royal Icing you scrape a little royal icing over the stencil. Carefully lift the stencil off to leave a raised image.

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