Culpitt Clear Mini Flower/Posy Picks pack of 6


SKU: PA104233

Pack of 6 Mini Flower / Posy Picks Manufactured by Culpitt

Made from Food-safe plastic, these Flower Picks allow you to insert non-edible items (e.g wired sugar flowers, silk or Real Flowers) into your cake and comply with Food Safety Regulations, as it is the food-safe 'pic' which is inserted into your cake, providing a barrier between the cake and the non-edible item, which sits inside it. 

Measures approximately 70mm by 7mm


Instructions and Tips for Use

These Flower Picks are absolutely perfect for creating professional Wedding cakes with beautiful fresh or sugar flowers, which can be chosen within the colour scheme of the ceremony. 

Be very careful when choosing flowers for cake decoration, as some blooms are TOXIC to humans! If you choose Non-toxic flowers, then you also need to be sure that they have been grown without Toxins (such as Pesticides), your florist should be able to advise you.

These picks can also be used to insert fake flowers or edible sugarcraft flowers attached to Hamilworth Floristy Wire - for creating your own sugarcraft flower art we recommend Sugar Florist Paste (SFP)

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