Cake Star - Palette Knife - Cranked Blade 4.5 Inch


SKU: PA103645

Cake Star - Palette Knife - Cranked Blade 4.5 Inch (114mm)

The 4½" cranked blade palette knife is from the Cake Star range of palette knives. The Cake Star palette knives have stainless steel blades with fused plastic handles for excellent comfort grip and ease of hygienic cleaning.

This 114 mm blade is perfect for covering and filling cupcakes. The cranked blade makes it easy to slip under run-outs or other prepared decorations to lift into place with less risk of damage.

Instructions and Tips for Use

To release run outs or other fine decorations such as lettering or lace from backing sheets, slip the knife blade under the edge of the decoration. Keep the blade flat against the backing surface and move under the decoration to release the paste. Because of the crank blade the handle sticks up at an angle so there is no need to flex the blade and therefore less risk of damage to delicate decorations.

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