Sugarflair Sugartint Liquid Food Colour Droplets - Marigold


SKU: PA100703

MARIGOLD Food Colouring Droplets From Sugarflair

Marigold food colour droplets are from the Sugartint Droplet range which contains concentrated liquid food colours in a handy dropper bottle. The liquid food colours will mix with all icings and modelling pastes. It is particularly good for colouring Royal Icing as it does not soften fragile pieces as much as the gel pastes. Also excellent in batters and other icings as it mixes easily.

Each colour is in a 14ml sealed bottle.

Because so little food colour is needed you will find that this lasts and lasts. The best before date is guaranteed to be at least a year and in most cases it is more likely to be 2 or 3 years! As this is a best before date and not a sell by date you can even continue to use the the product for some considerable time after this date - it does not 'go off' but may start to lose some of it's colour or become lumpier as it gets older. 


Instructions and Tips for Use

As the colour is applied to the paste in droplet form it is not only very easy to apply but means you will have less chance of contaminating the bottle with foreign matter as can happen when using the paste colours. Simply squeeze the bottle to add as many drops of colour as you require - make a note of the paste you used and the quantity, as well as how many drops of colour, to achieve consistent results every time!

Sugarflair Droplet colour is ideal for more liquid mixes such as Royal Icing, cake batter or piping gels, but is also good for colouring all types of pastes including sugarpaste, mexican paste, modelling pastes, playdough etc although generally needs more colour for this than the concentrated gel colours.

As Sugarflair droplet colours are already in liquid form they are also idea to paint with and require much less dilution (if any) than the Sugarflair paste colours. They can even be used in an airbrush.



Propylene Glycol, Glycerol, Water, plus Food Colourings as detailed below;

For a full list of food colours used in the Sugarflair droplet colours, please click here for a downloadable PDF.

All these droplet colours are completely nut-free, gluten free, GM-free, fat-free and suitable for suitable for vegetarian and kosher diets.

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