Sugarflair Airbrush Colours for Cake Decoration - Brown


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Brown Edible Airbrush  Colour

The Brown Edible Airbrush colour is a liquid food paint for cake decorating and sugarcraft manufactured by leading supplier Sugarflair. Designed for airbrushing it is the perfect consistency for spraying without causing blockages in your airbrush. The colours are strong and bold and allow you to add colour to your cakes with the minimum amount of colour additives compared to coloured sugarpastes.

It has a droplet top for ease of use and comes in a 60ml screw top bottle. 

Brown can also be added to any other colour to make a dusky shade. For exaple add a drop of brown to pink to get dusky pink/ mauve.

Dietary Advice: Kosher and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Instructions and Tips for Use

The Sugarflair Airbrush colours can be used for all-over spraying or for painting fine detail. 

Use masks and stencils to get detailed designs.

If you want a lighter tint add a drop or two of alcohol to the reservoir before adding the colour of your choice (isopropyl is excellent but Vodka will also do the trick!) Alternatively you can add white Airbrush colour to give more of a 'poster paint' effect..

For darker tones use a small amount of black and for dusky shades add a drop of brown to your colour choice.

If you are doing a large area you can premix some of the colour with alcohol to ensure consistency of colour but make sure you keep the excess covered as the alcohol will evaporate quickly. 

For most colours it is not necessary to clean your airbrush between colours simply spray out the remaining colour onto kitchen roll or similar. If you are going from a dark colour to a very pale colour you can add a drop of alcohol to the reservoir and give a second spray to remove any residue. Ideally try to plan your colours from light to dark to prevent additional cleaning!

Clean your airbrush thoroughly once you have completed your airbrushing project to prevent residue drying and causing blockages when next used.



All colours contain water and ethanol plus food colour

For a full list of food colours used in the Sugarflair airbrush colour range, please check the ingredients page here


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