Sugarflair Rejuvenator Fluid (Edible Paint Thinner)


SKU: PA100892

Rejuvenator Fluid From Sugarflair

Containing food grade ethanol, this 14ml POT of rejuvenator liquid comes with a droplet top for ease of use. Perfect for thinning food colours for painting and for mixing with powder colours to create your own edible paints.

Sugarflair are the leading specialist manufacturer of sugarcraft colour products and are well known to cake decorators throughout the world.


Instructions and Tips for Use

This product is just brilliant for making your powder blossom tints and your powder lustres into paint which you can then paint directly onto you cake or model. Just mix a small amount in with the colour powders until you reach your desired consistency. Try using Sugarflair lustres to add sparkle to your cake in liquid form! 

It dries super fast without damaging delicate icing finishes - It can even be used on fine piped sugar work such as lace pieces and inscriptions.



Food Grade Ethanol alcohol.

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