Sugarflair Paint Colours - Full Set of 10


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Sugarflair Paint Colours - Full Set of 10

All 10 colours from the range of paint colours by Sugarflair Colours at a discount price. These paste colours have a plain matt finish & are absolutely perfect for painting on icing as they give a nice solid colour with no need to add any powder paint.

Professional Quality, Highly concentrated 100% Edible Food Paint.

As the pot lasts a long time it is good to know these items are guaranteed to have at least a years sell by date and in most cases it's more likely to be 2 or 3 years! As this is a sell by and not a best before date date you can even continue to use the the product for some considerable time after - it does not 'go off' but may start to lose some of it's colour or become lumpier as it gets older.

To increase the longevity of your paste colours, always ensure the top is tightly screwed on after use, no contaminates get into the tub (like bits of icing etc) and that tubs are stored out of sunlight.

Instructions and Tips for Use

The paints are designed for painting onto icing and are ready to use. If you need a thinner paint you can thin with rejuvenator fluid (isopropyl alcohol).

DO NOT USE WATER to thin or clean brushes as this product contains lacquer.


Each of the resealable 20g pots of High Quality Food paint contains Ethanol 18% and E904 Shellac.;

BLACK - E153
BLUE - E133
BROWN - E155, E102, E133
GOLD - E172, E171, E153
GREEN - E104, E133
PINK -  E122, E124
RED -  E124
SILVER - E172, E171, E153
WHITE - E171

Fat Free - Gluten Free - Nut Free - GM Free

They contain a small amount of alcohol in the form of Propelyne Glycol.


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