Sugarflair Food Paints - Items tagged as "Blue"

Sugarflair Food Paints are opaque and solid colours that are perfect for painting. They have a 'poster paint' type finish so can be painted on different coloured backgrounds while stil giving a solid colour.

They contain lacquer so are fixed when dry. Laquer does not mix with water so  Do not use water for either thinning the paint or cleaning brushes - The best way to clean brushes after painting with Sugarflair food paints is to use rejuvenator fluid (iso-prpyl alcohol). If water is used it will clog your brushes with sticky lacquer.

Sugarflair food paints are not designed for mixing into pastes - for this we would recommend paste colours or pastel colours to get the best finish.

To increase the longevity of your paste colours, always ensure the top is tightly screwed on after use, do not allow contaminates to get into the tub (like bits of icing etc) and store out of sunlight to prevent the colour from fading.


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