Sugarflair Colours BLACK Blossom Tint Dusting Powder


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Sugarflair Blossom Tint Powdered Food Colour - BLACK

The Black Blossom Tint from the Sugarflair blossom tint range can be used for sugar flowers, frills and other sugarcraft and cake decoration projects. It is also great as a toner for other colours. By adding a little black into any colour you will make it a darker shade. Very useful colour to have in your palette.

Each 7ml (net) resealable vials contains 2g of 100% edible powdered food colour.

Available as:

  • Single 7ml vials,
  • Discount pack of 10 x 7ml vials

Gluten Free, Vegetarian & Vegan.

Because so little food colour is needed you will find that this lasts and lasts. 

The best before date is guaranteed to be at least a year and in most cases it is more likely to be 2 or 3 years! As this is a best before date and not a sell by date you can even continue to use the the product for some considerable time after this date - it does not 'go off' but may start to lose some of it's colour as it gets older.

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Instructions and Tips for Use

Blossom tint is perfect for dusting onto edible sugarcraft items such as sugar flowers, frills, plaques, models and so much more. It gives a subtle and impressive finish. Just use a soft dry brush to apply to your sugarcraft. 

Powder colours can also be used for painting. To paint with blossom tint mix with rejuvenator solution, dipping solution, isopropyl alcohol or even vodka! (this does not dry so quickly but will still work!).

Blossom tint powder colours are very good to colour melted white chocolate or candy as it contains no water or glycerine and will not change the consistency of the chocolate like gel or liquid colours.

Although it can be mixed into small quantities of modelling or covering pastes to colour without making the paste sticky it is not recommended for large amounts of icing. The Spectral Paste colour is more effective for large amounts as it is more concentrated and easier to mix.


BLACK - contains E153 Vegetable Carbon

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