Tala cutters HEART Set of 5


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Heart Shaped Cutters Set of 5

This set of 5 heart cutters from Tala are a very useful addition to your equipment whether for cake decorating or baking or for loads of other craft uses. 

Each cutter gets gradually smaller, enabling you to create different effects.

Sizes: 95mm x 85mm, 80mm x 75mm, 70mm x 65mm, 60mm x 55mm and45mm x 45mm
All measurements are approximate.

Instructions and Tips for Use

Brilliant for Valentines, engagements and wedding anniversaries.

Completely safe for children to use as they have 'safe-edges'

Makes great cookies and pastry shapes for pies and other small items, and is also perfect for your cupcakes! You can also use them to cut out pastillage plaques which can be used for edible decrations, paintings and inscriptions for your cupcakes and celebration cakes.