Ribbon 15mm Wide - Colour 6847 (Florescent Green)

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SKU: PA103997

Ribbon 15mm Wide Colour 6847 (Florescent Green)

This Florescent green ribbon is a high quality satin ribbon from SCT. measuring 15mm wide by 20m long. 

It is a double faced ribbon which means that it is shiny on both sides so can be used for making bows as well as being perfect for using around the side of cakes for a quick and easy cake side decoration.

The 15mm ribbon is a perfect board width ribbon, where the board is covered with sugarpaste. 

Great for many other craft uses too.

  • Length: 20 Meters
  • Quality: 3501
  • Width: 15mm
  • Colour: 6847 Florescent green 

Ideas for Using 15mm Ribbon

The 15mm ribbon is the perfect width for using as a board ribbon where the board is covered with sugarpaste. Use non toxic glue or double sided tape to coat the board edge. Fix the ribbon on making sure it is pulled tight to get the best finish.

It can also be used for making bows, placing around cake sides and many other craft and sugarcraft uses.


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