PME Heart Crimper with Serrated Edge - 19mm


SKU: PA101656

Heart Crimper with  Serrated Edge - 19mm

This useful HEART shaped crimper measures 19mm, and come with an 'O' ring to help with consistent crimping. It gives a quick and effective finish to all sorts of sugarcraft work.

Crimping is a quick and easy way to give a decorative finish to the top edge of cakes. It can also be used as a decorative way to seal the cake to the cake board (this is especially useful if you do not like piping royal icing) and to finish the edges of plaques. The crimping is achieved by working on sugarpaste or marzipan while it is still soft.

Crimpers are like a pair of tweezers and come in a variety of styles.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Simply place the open crimpers around the paste and gently squeeze together and then lift them off. This is repeated around the entire cake to give a simple but effective decoration.

It is a good idea to practise on a spare piece of sugarpaste first to get the effect you want as different effects can be achieved by squeezing the crimpers closer together.

if you find that your crimper sticks to your paste dip it in a little cornflour (corn starch), knock off the excess and then use.

Simple and easy to use for great results. Move the 'O' Ring along the crimper to obtain the pattern width required and it will enable you to create consistency around your cake.

Perfect for use on Regalice, Sugar Florist Paste (SFP), Mexican Modelling Paste (MMP), Marzipan, Fondant, Craft Clay and lots more!

**Please keep tools used for Edible materials separately from those used with Non-Edible materials, eg Craft Clay**

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