Patchwork Cutters BELLS & BOWS

Patchwork Cutters

SKU: PA100150

Patchwork Cutters Bells and Bows Cutter

This set of Bells and Bow cutters from Marion Frost's Patchwork cutter range is a very useful addition to your cutters.

It consists of 3 sizes of double bells with bows that are ideal for a variety of celebration cakes including wedding, anniversary and Christmas cakes. The different sizes is perfect for scaling on tiered cakes.

How to Use the Patchwork Cutters Bells & Bows Cutters

By pressing harder when cutting out a single bell can also be made. The three sizes are very useful for scaling on tiered cakes. They can also be dried prior to fixing to the cake side for a lacy effect.

The pieces can either be fixed directly onto the cake sides or can be dried flat or over a small former such as a rolling pin so that when fixed to the cake sides they stick out in a beautiful lacy flounce design. The detail can be painted, dusted or cut out in the same way as all the Patchwork designs. Makes the cake look very 'clever' for a minimum effort!

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