FMM Mummy and Baby Penguin Cutter Set (also for Robins/Snowmen)


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The FMM Mummy and Baby Penguin Cutter Set!

This Mummy and Baby Penguin cutter set designed and manufactured by FMM contains two sizes of plastic Penguin cutters - a large 'mummy' penguin and smaller 'baby'. There are also 2 strip cutters containing accessories for each penguin. Each of the strips has eyes, tummy panel, feet, wings, bobble hat and scarf in the right size to fit each penguin.

Great for cake toppers or sides. The smaller size is perfect for cupcakes

The Penguin set is made from high quality  firm plastic with fine cutting edges which stay sharp throughout repeated use.

The basic cutter set is vary versatile and is also perfect for making robins or snowmen in the two sizes.

Use as top or side decoration for cakes, cupcake decoration or as a free standing topper.

Perfect for Christmas Cake and cupcake decorating.

Measurements Approx

Mummy : 70mm x 50mm

Baby: 55m

  Instructions and Tips for Use

We would recommend a mix of sugarpaste and modelling paste when using this cutter to ensure your paste is pliable but still dries firm. 

If you cut out using gum paste or modelling paste you can stand them up as a lovely top decoration.

This cutter comes with full instructions on the rear of the packet. For reference please see the second picture on this listing.

We also sell the tools required to use along side this cutter.

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