FMM Sugarcraft - Gift Tag Cutter Set of 2


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FMM - Gift Tag Cutter Set

The FMM gift tag cutter set is a great cutter set for creating edible gift tags for all celebration cakes and cupcakes. But not only that the small motifs are great for many other things from cake coverings,  sugar confetti, cupcake motifs, motifs for confectionery. This make this set very versatile and useful.

The Gift tags come in 2 sizes:

Large: 70mm x 50mm

Small: 42mm x 28mm

Very easy to add the inscription of your choice using one of the beautiful edible pens from Rainbow Dust or Sugarflair.

Each size has four different motifs sized to suit. The motifs include holly, bows & flowers. Suitable for all occasions.

Instructions and Tips for Use

A great easy to use cutter from FMM.

Roll out Sugar paste or flower paste on a non-stick board.

Very lightly dust the top surface of your paste with Cornflour (cornstarch) a tip here is to put the flour into a muslin cloth and simply wipe across the top surface - that way you don't get too much onto the paste. Cut out your required shape with the bunting cutter of choice.

Make sure you keep moving the paste to stop it sticking to the board.

Full instructions are included on the back of the packet and are visible in the product pictures on

this listing. 



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