Chocolate Sweet Moulds - Swan Moulds - 2 impressions

C.E.P. Moulds

SKU: PA103568

Chocolate Sweet Moulds - Swan Moulds - 2 impressions

This mould is brilliant for moulding sweets and chocolates. The mould contains 2 swan impressions which can be used for side decorations on cakes or you can stick them together after moulding to make a stand alone 3D swan.

Measurements: 90mm x 75mm

 Instructions and Tips for Use

For the best results wash and dry the mould and then polish well with cotton wool before filling with chocolate. If using chocolate couverture it is best to temper your chocolate well to prevent blooming and keep the chocolate crisp and shiny. Cooking chocolate does not need tempering before use.

C.E.P advise that moulds are not washed with or filled with substances over 70°C.

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