Renshaw Marzipan / White Almond Paste - 500g



Marzipan / White Almond Paste - 500 Gram Pack

Rencol is premium quality neutral marzipan from trusted manufacturer Renshaw.
It has no added colour (unlike the yellow marzipans available). It contains a minimum of 25% almond. It also contains glucose syrup to make it easier to handle and to help prevent cracking.

This pack weighs 500g - You will need about 1Kg to cover an 8" square cake.

Since it contains varied combinations of European and Californian almonds which are unsuitable for those with nut allergies, so if you are making a cake for someone else, whether it be a friend or a client,be sure to inform them of the ingredients!!
It is GM-free, Gluten-free and free from any animal, milk or egg products and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Instructions and Tips for Use

The primary use for marzipan is to roll it into thin sheets and cover cakes, mostly fruit cakes for birthdays, weddings and Christmas celebrations. It is an absolute must when making Battenburg and Stollen cakes.

Marzipan can also be used for modeling tasty toppers for any sort of cake.

As this marzipan is neutral instead of the yellow colour, it can also be coloured using any of our Sugarflair paste or other food colours.



Sugar, Almonds (25%), Glucose Syrup, Invert Sugar Syrup,Water, Preservative E202.

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