Renshaw Sugarpastes

Renshaws is a British manufacturer established in 1898 in London UK, moving to Liverpool in the NW of England in 1991, so has a long history of producing products for the Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft industry.

They were first granted a Royal Warrent back in 1950 and still have a current warrent from Elizabeth II. Renshaw is the leading British manufacturer of ready to roll icing, marzipan, frostings, caramel and mallows and here at Party Animal Online we stock a wide range of Sugarpastes and Marzipan in different colours and sizes that are perfect for your cake decoration needs.

We stock White and Cream as well as a variety of bright and pastel colours that are perfect for all types of novelty and celebration cakes. Renshaws declared Cassis to be the colour of 2019 and this still remains popular.

Renshaws pastes are also great for Childrens craft ideas.

Renshaws have recently developed new styles of sugarpaste including the very popular 'Extra' range which was developed to be extra firm and extra elastic allowing it to perform better in warmer and more humid climates.

It contains certified sustainable palm oil (RCPO) and is available in a variety of pack sizes to suit your project.

Once opened keep in an airtight bag or container to prevent drying out.

Because Renshaws Sugarpaste contains Gum Tragacanth it is elastic and flexible and gives a firm set once dry.

Before use knead the paste thoroughly on a non stick surface to soften before rolling out. If you need to a little icing sugar can be used to prevent sticking to the surface but keep this to a minimum as it will dry out the sugarpaste surface and cause cracking or 'elephant skin' when used to excess.

A thickness of 3 - 4mm is recommended for cake covering with sugarpaste.

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