Rainbow Dust ProGel - Beginners Set of 5 Colours

Rainbow Dust

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ProGel Concentrated Food Colouring From Rainbow Dust - Beginners Set of Colours

This Beginners set of Rainbow Dust ProGel food colour pastes has all the basic colours for a perfect starter kit. It includes the primary colours (Red, Yellow and Blue) plus Black and Brown toners. From these colours it is possible to mix pretty much any other colour so it's a good place to start. 

ProGel® concentrated colours by Rainbow Dust Colours are Professional Quality, Highly concentrated 100% Edible Food Colouring in a wide range of tints and shades.

Only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a rich colour to your edible projects.

Each gel comes in a colour co-ordinated and clean-to-use plastic tube with a tamper evident seal under the resealable screw top. 


Instructions and Tips for Use

ProGel® mixes well with sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream royal icing, cake mixes, playdough and much more.

To open simply peel away the foil seal and squeeze a small amount of the gel out of the tube. Easy to measure and no more messy containers. You can easily identify the colour by the colour co-ordinated packaging so no more searching for the right tub to use.



Each colour contains :

Glycerine, Silicone Dioxide, Propylene Glycol plus colours...

Aqua - E133 and E104
Baby Blue - E133 and E122
Black - E124, E104 and E133
Brown - E155 and E133
Burgundy - E122, E129 and E133
Caramel - E102 and E155
Chestnut - E155
Claret - E122 and E133
Cream - E104 and E155
Grey - E124, E104 and E133
Ice Blue - E133
Lemon - E104 and E110
Navy Blue - E133, E122 and E155
Orange - E110 and E124
Peach - E110 and E124
Pink - E122
Poppy - E124 and E104
Purple - E122 and E133
Red - E129 and E124
Ruby - E129, and E122
Sky Blue - E133
Strawberry - E129, and E122
Sunflower - E104 and E110
Tangerine - E110 and E124
Terracotta - E110, E129 and E155
Turquoise - E104 and E133
Yellow - E102
Bright Green - E104 and E133
Eucalyptus - E133, E155, E104 and E122
Gooseberry - E102, E133, E155
Holly Green - E133, E155 and E104
Khaki - E102, E133 and E155
Leaf Green - E102 and E133 and E155
Lime Green - E102 and E133
Mint Green - E104 and E133
Olive Green - E102, E133 and E155
Sea Green - E133, E104, E122 and E155

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