PME Sugarcraft Tools - Smoother Polisher


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Sugarcraft Tools - Smoother Polisher

The smoother polisher is designed to help create a wonderful professional finish when coating your cakes in Marzipan and Sugarpaste / Rolled Fondant. This is a genuine PME product made from high quality food safe materials.

This pack includes the polisher smoother which measures 16cm by 8cm and has rounded smooth sides so that it does not mark your paste in use.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Roll out your covering paste and then smooth with the smoother/ polisher while still flat on the table - this allows you to put extra weight on it and get your paste really smooth. Then lift your paste onto your cake and smooth in. The rounded edges of the smoother prevents damage to paste and leaves a perfect finish.

Personally I use two smoothers normally when covering a cake - that way one holds the cake while you smooth with the other - no need for holding the cake with your hands at all! My ideal is to have one from PME and one from FMM because I find the PME one gives a better top surface but because the FMM smoother has one straight side you can get a straight finish where the cake and board meet.

Instructions and Helpful Tips on the back of the packet. You can also check out the Partyanimalonline YouTube channel to see a video of how to cover a cake with sugarpaste.

If you only invest in one piece of specialist equipment this is definitely the one!

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