PME Rolling Pin Guide Rolls - Small Set


SKU: PA103880

Rolling Pin Guide Rolls - Small Set

This set of PME Rolling Pin Guide rings contains 3 Sets of rings to place over rolling pins to give different thickness of paste:

  • 1: 1.55mm
  • 2: 3.35mm
  • 3: 6.25mm

All measurements are approximate.

Fits 1" diameter rolling pin.

Great for all types of paste including marzipan, sugarpaste, pastry etc. Even finish every time!

Genuine PME product.


Instructions and Tips for Use

Place a pair of rings over your rolling pin depending on how thick you want your finished paste to be.

Roll out your paste as normal.

Keep rolling and turning the paste until you cannot roll it any thinner and the rings are touching your work surface. The rings will keep the overall thickness even.


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