PME Multi Purpose Tilting Turntable


SKU: PA100928

Multi Purpose Tilting Turntable

This superb PME tilting turntable has an extremely robust design with a clever anti-wobble top which allows you to work on your cake or sugarcraft project with complete confidence, whether it be working with light or heavy objects.

Made by PME, one of the leading manufacturers of great cake decorating products all made to exacting food quality standards.

This turntable is approx 23cm (9")diameter x 14cm (5½") high.
Holds up to 20kg. I have had a 14" square fruit cake on this without any bother!


Instructions and Tips for Use

The tilting top can be adjusted to angle the cake for ease when working on the cake sides by using the easy tilt action. With such a variable range of adjustment, and a non-slip top and bottom, you can always be assured of achieving your exact requirements.

We have used these turntables extensively and can recommend these PME tilting turntables for both durability and quality and are great for all levels of cake decorator from beginner to expert.

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